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Why Get A Domain Name?

8 Reasons To Own A Domain Name

Logish Empire has compiled  8 reasons why you should own a domain name.

1. Expressing Your Thoughts and Interests

You can create your own space on the internet to express your thoughts and opinion. Build a website on your interests, such as martial arts, knitting or shopping. You may even earn some money from advertisements on your site.

2. Marketing Yourself

Human resource personnel and job agents are increasingly reaching out online to find potential employees (or freelancers). With a domain name, you have a professional web address to feature your resume, testimonials and portfolio of freelance samples.

This would no doubt increase your chances of reaching out to prospective employers.

3. Have A Personalised Email Address

Why have an email account at yahoo.com or gmail.com when you can have an email like name@yourdomainname.com?

4. Sell Stuff Online

Build an online store to sell your the latest fashion, gadgets or homemade art. You can even point yourdomain.com to your ebay store!

Your customers will be able to find you more easily.

5. Credibility

Investing in a domain name for your website tells your visitors that you are committed to your site. It makes your content all the more credible.

6. Traffic

Domain names are more likely to be clicked on by search engine visitors for 2 reasons.

One, websites with keyword domain names are ranked better on search engines. Two, people tend to view shorter domain names with fewer slashes, unlike http://jsnkfjds.com/dfwe/efw/efwef/w/trhrt/hello.html, to be more credible.

[wordbay]business domain name[/wordbay]

7. Community

Use your domain name as a place for people to interact. You can build a discussion board or forum for martial artists, soccer fanatics and so on.

8. Gifts

Domain names are great gifts for family and friends. Give a domain name to your sister who has a blog or your parents who are running a home business.

Logen L.