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Behind the Scenes at Logish Empire Domain Investment Guide

I have been doing some maintenance behind the scenes of Logish Empire. This includes creating a logo, changing the site layout and installing better plugins for this blog. I wanted a semi-professional look for Logish Empire and have the backend work towards the aims of this blog as efficiently as possible.

Anyway, due to my upcoming exams, I’m placing this blog on hiatus. The hiatus will be¬†effective on Friday midnight for 3 to 4 weeks. However, do check back. I will still post something because I definitely will get tired of studying and revising for my Accountancy modules.

Your anticipated part 2 of Reduce Domain Name Investment Uncertainties will be posted this week. This entry will give an overview of how to appreciate your domain name’s value. I have proofread and edited the entry several times during the past few days to ensure quality.

Logen Lanka