Where Can I Buy A Domain Name

How Do I Register A Domain Name?

All domain names are registered through registrars (e.g. GoDaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, etc.). They are created during the registration process for a fee of around $10 per year. And can be renewed yearly for the same amount.

Even though you can register new domain names, you can buy existing domain names from domain resellers/investors.

These are the two basic means of acquirng domain names:

  • Directly from your good old domain registrar
  • From domain traders and investors

Best Place To Register Domain Name

Domain Registrars

There are many domain name registrars on the internet. These are the few whom I have dealt with: GoDaddy, Namecheap, Moniker, Dynadot and Name.


The one registrar that I highly recommend would be GoDaddy.com. GoDaddy has one of the most intuitive domain management system and have discount deals that make the domain name less than $10 a year. Their customer service is excellent and has resolved issues that were due to my carelessness.

In any case, the advantage of acquiring a domain name with a registrar is being only charged the standard annual fee (e.g. GoDaddy’s fee for .com before discount is $10.69). This is lower than that of a domain trader’s price.

Domain Name Traders

A domain trader would sell a domain name at a mark up of the standard fee.

They are certainly justified to do so. A domain trader’s inventory of domain names are well selected for natural traffic and brandability. They are often quality domains.

What do I mean by quality domains? How can the quality of a domain name be better if it has existed for a few years and is now being resold?

Domain names sold by domain traders are likely to have relevant traffic. The domain name may even have been used for a website before. This would mean very valuable traffic for you. Search engines also tend to rank older domain names better. So, you get a quality domain name, which your visitors will remember. Definitely worth the money.

It seems to me that the best place to get affordable (if not downright cheap) domain names from traders is from Ebay. Try the Logish Empire Domain Search Store!

However, be sure to check the seller’s feedback and reputation when dealing on Ebay.

Warnings on Domain Name Safety

Domain name registrars are involved no matter how you acquire your domain name. Be sure to dig up news on your registrar. I was reminded by a commenter, Thor, about registrars with unethical practices.

This includes registrars that hijack their customer’s domain name and registrars that impose fines on customers due to supposed ‘abuse’ of policy.

Remember, no registrar is perfect and are bound to have dirt on them. But too much dirt may prove to be a problem.

Just stay away from NetworkSolution. Do not even search for domain names on their site. There are accounts of them registering searched domains, to prevent the person searching from registering the domain elsewhere.

If in doubt, stick with the domain name registrars I have dealt with and recommended.

Also, when dealing with domain traders, maintain reasonable skepticism over their reputation unless they have proven themselves otherwise. Check their trader’s reputation, Ebay reputation, Paypal reputation or anything that verifies that they are true to their word when they transact.

I have created the Logish Empire Domain Name Search Store, which extracts quality domain names from a select group of Ebay domain name traders. I have personally reviewed each traders reputation so that you need not do so.

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