Forward Your Domain Name!

In this guide, we learn to forward your domain name to any website address you want. Domain name forwarding means that you point your domain name to a website; not to forward your domain name on an email!

Why Should I Forward My Domain Name?

This is especially useful if you want to use your domain name for:

1. Facebook profile, Myspace band page or DeviantArt Gallery

Great for marketing yourself, your art work or band to your potential employer (or fans).

2.  An old website you have online

We all know that some website providers just don’t allow you to use DNS or CNAME to point your domain there.

3. Moving your website to a new domain name

Excellent to transition you existing visitors on the old domain name to the new one. For example, to move from to, I will forward to

Great! I’m Ready To Forward My Domain Name To…

Before we begin, please note the web address of the website you want to forward your domain name to. Then follow the instructions, step-by-step.

1. Go to and login at the top of the page.

2. Click on ‘Domain Manager’ on the sidebar (in the red circle).

3. Click on the letter ‘D’ (circled in red) to the right of your domain name to launch the dashboard.

4. Click on “forwarding’ to initiate the domain name forwarding feature.

5. Type in the URL (e.g. of the website you want to forward your domain name to. Then click ‘OK’.

That is all. Your domain name (e.g. will not point to the website you desire. Remember to share the domain name with your family and friends!

Logen L

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