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What Is Logish Empire

How It Started Out

Four years ago, when I was 14, I aspired to be a great businessman like Donald Trump. To be honest, I did watch The Apprentice at then. I realised that there were many business-oriented friends like me, and we formed a ‘corporation’ named Logish Empire.

During that year of 2004, we didn’t make any mark in the business world. A year later, I teamed up with a few friends to join a national business and trademark competition for the next two years. We were awarded third place in both years.

Trademark and Business Competition 2005, Team Xpressive - Third Place

[Team Xpressive, Trademark and Business Competition Year 2005, 3rd Place]

The Logish Empire has since been forgotten, having graduated and drifted from each other after secondary school. I’ve decided to revive the Logish Empire as a one-man show.

Origins of The Name ‘Logish Empire’

As you may have guessed, the Logish Empire was founded by me. My nickname is Logish, which was given to me by a teacher who called me ‘Logish’ by mistake.

But, what about Empire? Where did it come from? My aspirations then, was to be like the Donald. He had a business empire, which was built by him. Well, I too want an empire. Hence, Logish Empire.

What Is Logish Empire About

With the revival of Logish Empire, I had to determine what it should be about. With my resources, time and knowledge at hand, I wanted Logish Empire to be what I was passionate in. In answer to that, it was domain name investment.

The past 9 month, I had been experimenting with domain name investment. I did stupid things with the money I had. Being the stubborn and impatient mule I was, I did not read up on the how-to’s and advice of domain name investment. Nonetheless, I learnt things, though through the hard way of losing money. Of course I have become more receptive to the advice of those who are experienced in this industry.

Using my newly gained knowledge and experience, I’ve decided to expand my investments. I am catering to those who are interested in earning passive income from websites and specially designed domain parking pages. I also am targeting investors who are looking for brandable and/or niche domain names, with pagerank and traffic. That’s about it for now.

Do check back for latest products, services and valuable tips on the domain name industry.

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