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Never Bite Off More Domain Names Than You Can Chew

I’ve been busy with school and domain investments lately and will be for the next month. My exams are nearing.

Yet, I refuse to let go of the work to be done on my domain names. Part of the reason is my lack of funds to sustain my web hosting account and some domain names. These things require renewal in a few months time.

Therefore, I’ve been trying to liquidate certain domain names and monetise the others, in order to maintain my cashflow. Now, learn from my mistakes…

When you invest in domain names, especially when starting out:

  • Buy only a few domains (less than 5)
  • Decide on how and when you want to sell your domains
  • And prepare necessary funds to sustain your expenses

In short, have a written plan and never take on more than you can chew. It will help you to move forward in times of stress due to work or school. In those times, you are bound to forget your full investment plan. Thus, you have to be organised!

Take me for an example. I bought 30 domain names, of which I intended to develop half of them. I hadn’t factored in school projects, exams and social uncertainties in time management. Right now, I’m having difficulty in focusing and completing the crucial domain investments.

To make matters worse, my information and plans weren’t expressed on paper. You can imagine trying to remember detailed plans for over 10 domain names.

Following this entry, I will try to work out some solutions on being organised with your/my domain names. And how to get an influx of cash to sustain your/my expenses in investment. I’m also planning to create a format for you and me to use to plan cash inflows and outflows.

I’d be happy to hear some tips from some of you on this matter.

Logen L.