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Get A Domain Name For 99 Cents!

Because of the World Cup, is having a $0.99 promotion for .com, .net and .org. The coupon code below can only be used once for each GoDaddy account and you have to pay by credit card for verification purposes.


During the checkout process, copy and paste this coupon code before paying for your domain name.

Go to GoDaddy to take advantage of the World Cup domain name promo now!

Logen L.

Behind the Scenes at Logish Empire Domain Investment Guide

I have been doing some maintenance behind the scenes of Logish Empire. This includes creating a logo, changing the site layout and installing better plugins for this blog. I wanted a semi-professional look for Logish Empire and have the backend work towards the aims of this blog as efficiently as possible.

Anyway, due to my upcoming exams, I’m placing this blog on hiatus. The hiatus will be effective on Friday midnight for 3 to 4 weeks. However, do check back. I will still post something because I definitely will get tired of studying and revising for my Accountancy modules.

Your anticipated part 2 of Reduce Domain Name Investment Uncertainties will be posted this week. This entry will give an overview of how to appreciate your domain name’s value. I have proofread and edited the entry several times during the past few days to ensure quality.

Logen Lanka

What’s New On Logish Empire

What is new on Logish Empire?

Logish Empire has a new store!

Other than domain names, the store seeks to sell affordable domain tools, ebooks and articles for my reader’s investment needs. Have faith that I’ll evaluate every product to ensure its quality. I too have had enough of monkeys out there selling substandard products.

What has Logen been doing?

Other than worrying about the exams?

I’ve been planning and will be writing blog articles that will be beneficial to fellow domainers. Remember the last post where I complained about my lack of organisation and focus? I’ll be dealing with that problem, which has implications on earnings and stress-levels. 

Where domain name income comes into play, I’ll try to apply what I’ve learnt in Financial Management to manage the cash and investment plan for domain names.

Logen, are you sure that’s all? What about your own domain investments?

Hmm… I’ve been developing some of my domain names with content.

However, I have a huge problem with procrastination. To add on, I’m not really supposed to do these things at this period because my exams are round the corner.

Anyway, I’m liquidating certain domain names to fund renewals of other domains and web hosting account.

That’s all people.

Logen Lanka

Logish Empire is now at

I’m sorry for Logish Empire being down. In my attempt to move Logish Empire with the lazy-man’s method (to, I caused the whole site to be down.

I apologise again.

That said, the Logish Empire blog is now at /

Logen Lanka